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Nicky Hayden

69 Forever

Josh filmed the late Nicky Hayden on numerous occasions during his career. He recently found rushes in his archive of an unseen interview he’d shot with Nicky in 2012. He made it into a powerful short film to commemorate a motorcycle legend.

Lewis & Jenson

Team Mates, Rivals, Champions

Josh interviewed reigning F1 World Champions Lewis & Jenson in 2009 & 2010 respectively. Putting the interviews together, we’ve created an amazing snapshot of what that maiden World Championship meant to them both. With some rarely seen behind the scenes footage of them as team mates in pre-season testing for McLaren in 2010.



The explosive story of a great Anglo-American sports car.

In 1964, the Rootes Group entered the new Sunbeam Tiger in the Le Mans 24 Hours. With Shelby supplied Ford V-8 power and aerodynamic bodywork by Lister, Rootes found itself at the top table of GT sports car racing. As Ford and Shelby both raced to bring their own new V-8 powered cars to this first showdown with Ferrari, could the Tiger possibly compete at this level?

This is the story of how Rootes and Shelby conspired to shatter the Tiger’s 24 hour dream and how it came back fighting to become a great Anglo-American sports car. Currently in production, with UK, USA and European filming completed,  scheduled release is Summer 2024 on the Tiger’s 60th anniversary.




The story of an automotive pioneer like no other.

He was the world’s fastest racing driver. He founded the first Italian automotive dynasty. He invented the world’s most advanced car – twice.  He changed the course of motoring.

He was Vincenzo Lancia.

Our documentary, for the first time, tells his remarkable story with the full support of the Lancia family and the Lancia community. In final post production, with filming completed in Italy, UK, Northern Europe and Australia, release is scheduled for Winter 2023.